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Start / The exploitation of man by man




transportando ladrillos The basis of human coexistence is found in human respect, if the human being is not respected, life becomes a battle between the aggressor and the humiliated that make life a real misfortune. It is not respecting one's neighbor to attack him, submit it, exploit him at work, impoverish him or deprive him of basic needs, however, our civilization is organized in a lack of respect for the population on the part of the enriched classes.


When the media talk about human exploitation, they usually refer to carrying out work in conditions that are not established as legal, such as working with a salary lower than that regulated in the agreements, or working more hours than those established, or carrying out illegal activities such as sexual or child exploitation. But no reference is usually made to the fact that when the worker is working in a private company, he is being subjected to humiliating exploitation by the employer, although the provisions of current laws and agreements are respected.


The minority sector of the population, made up of businessmen and investors, become masters and masters of the means of production and the economy, and the rest of the workers who have to work in private companies are subordinated by having no other resource than to work for them.


This is an inadmissible abuse of power against the population and is the cause of 1/3 of the population (2.6 billion) living in poverty, 1 billion in extreme poverty, 900 million suffering from hunger, 1.8 billion do not have adequate housing, 15 million have to live off what they can collect from public landfills, 50% of the active population is in a situation of job insecurity.


The ILO (International Labor Organization) estimated that 40 million people worked as slaves in 2016 (slavery similar to that of past centuries), of them, 25 million in forced labor and there are more than 150 million boys and girls between the ages of 5 and 17 who do some type of work.


And yet the richest 1% continue to accumulate more wealth than the rest of humanity.





This situation of exploitation of man by man is considered socially normal or admissible and not as inhuman or degrading treatment, when it is a situation of humiliating slavery that apparently intends to go unnoticed.


There are other inadmissible situations such as the fact that there is no security either in the workplace or in the continuity of the company or business, because the work depends on the will of the employer, but all together depend on the profitability of the company and this on the chance of the market.


cargando espumaThe need for the company to be profitable and the desire of the employer to get rich, force the worker to work faster and to work more hours than the established ones, with the damages and risks that this entails for the worker as in transport and construction companies.


According to the ILO (July 4, 2022), more than 2.78 million workers die each year from accidents and occupational diseases. In addition, some 374 million non-fatal work-related injurie. If the world of work were organized from the administration as described on the Socialization page of this website, it would cause a relaxation in the world of work that would considerably reduce the accident rate.


Many workers have to emigrate because their country does not take responsibility for their right to life. 


One might think that the exploitation of man by man is inevitable, but this is not the case, national companies have been working and have been working perfectly for many years, so it is not a condition for the company to work that it be private, and if it has to be profitable and it is not, it is only a matter of compensating its losses with the profits of companies that are profitable or making an economy that covers the lack of profitability of the companies.


Although it must be recognized that privatized production has come to produce everything necessary for consumption, the level of subjugation and slavery of the majority of the population is unacceptable.


The fact of living in this humiliating society is due to the fact that, although people have a way of being kind and respectful to others, we also have a way of being the opposite, such as feeling proud and superior by subjecting others to our decisions and our personal interests (servants, subordinates, workers).


Forced laborers produce some of the food we eat and the clothes we wear and clean some of the buildings in which many of us live or work.